Directors are elected by the Foundation's membership at an Annual General Meeting typically held in June of each year. The 2013/2014 Board of Directors are:

Victor Friesen - President

Victor retired from the position of Senior Vice President of a large commercial construction firm in 2000, and continues to work as a construction consultant in the field. He has served on the Foundation Board since 2001, and also serves on the enVision Board of Directors. Victor's brother Gladwin was supported in an enVision home and day program until his passing in 2006.


Bev Penner - Secretary Treasurer

Bev and her late husband, Jim, operated the Penner Foods chain of grocery stores, selling the business in 1999. Bev has served on the Foundation Board since its inception in 2002, and served on the enVision Board for thirty-one years until 2006. Bev's son, Philip, lives in an enVision home and works at Kindale Industries.


John Reimer - Vice President

John is recently retired, having sold his business, Farmyard Supply in 2007. He has served on the Foundation Board since its inception, and was on the enVision Board for twenty-three years until 2003. John's son Jonathan lives in an enVision home.


Lou Reimer

Lou is co-owner of Stone Creek Trusses, a local manufacturer of wooden roof structures. He has been on the Foundation Board since 2005. His son Michael lives in an enVision home and is supported in an enVision day program.


Fran Giesbrecht

Fran retired from a position with CHVN Radio in Winnipeg. She and her husband own First Choice Pumping in Niverville. Fran's son, Mark lives in an enVision home in Niverville, and is supported in his enVision day program in Steinbach.


Brenda Wohlgemuth

Brenda is a licensed practical nurse who has worked in clinical, education and management capacities in various locations in the province. She is currently working clinically in Renal Health at Seven Oaks General Hospital. Brenda has served on the Board of Community Living - Manitoba since 2003 and is also currently serving a 2 year term on the Board of the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Manitoba. Brenda has an older brother in the residential and day programs of enVision Community Living.