Each year the Foundation receives grant applications from enVision management staff, and selects as many as can be accommodated for funding. Preference is given to projects that will:

     - Provide a needed service that will not be funded in any other way

     - Serve the maximum number of enVision participants

     - Add significantly to quality of life

     - Not require multi year financial support


The Rewards of Generosity

Many of us take vacation for granted. People involved with the enVision Independent Living Program felt very fortunate when the Foundation make it possible for them to afford summer vacations. Many are on social assistance and do not have family members to include them in their vacation plans.


We assume all students who wish to engage in summer employment will have an array of different opportunities. For students with a disability this is not always the case. Foundation funding for a Summer Employment Program offered young people the opportunity to try their first job, giving them valuable skills and training for future employment.


Books, music, therapy and activity materials are not always available due to lack of funds. The Foundation has made it possible for enVision to provide music therapy, literacy training, art materials and equipment for sensory therapy - all of which have improved the quality of life for people with disabilities.


Foundation Grants



Kenora Trip - Retirement Program ($1250)
Music Connect - MPRC/Edith's Place/Retirement ($1750)
Independent Living Activities ($1500)
Individual in ILP Vacation ($1300)
Residential Exercise Equipment ($750)
Residential Choir ($500)
Residential Horseback Riding ($750)
Resource Library ($700)
Kindale Exercise Bike ($1500)

                           Total            $10,000



Computer equipment
Vacation – MPRC ($500)
Portable Lift – Residential($595)
Library Resource Material ($1500)
Computers for Residences ($2200)
Social/Recreational Activities – ILP ($1500)
Vacations – ILP ($1000)
Creative Expressions ($790)

                              Total               $9812



Computer & Memory Book Supplies – Retirement ($1300)
Fishing Trip – EES ($1400)
Steinbach Aquatic Centre Passes – Residential ($483)
Manitoba Moose Season Tickets – Residential ($1200)
Vacations – Independent Living Program ($1500)
Drop In – Independent Living Program ($1300) 

                              Total               $7183