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Eastman Recycling Services (ERS) provides residential and commercial recycling services in the City of Steinbach and southeast Manitoba communities.


Recycling services are provided by a team of client workers and staff who pick up materials, sort them by product and type, bale them for shipping and sell to customers all over North America.


ERS operates with two main objectives:

  • Providing meaningful community employment for people with intellectual disabilities
  • Providing a needed and valuable service to citizens and businesses in southeastern Manitoba


Eligible materials are those designated by the Manitoba Product Stewardship Program. Typical materials include all types of paper, plastic, glass, aluminum and steel containers. ERS also serves as southeastern Manitoba's recycling depot for household electronic products like computers, televisions, telephones, audio equipment and microwaves.


In 2007 ERS processed approximately 3.3 million kg of recycled materials, enough to fill 160 semi-trailer trucks or a convoy over 3 km in length.


Eastman Recycling Services


Kathy Bennett

Ph: (204) 326-9681
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