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enVision Community Living

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Thanks to all the staff and guests who joined us on December 9th
for the enVision Christmas Banquet!

We hope you enjoyed the food, fun, and fellowship. If you were a staff
in attendance, please take a moment to fill out this brief survey.

Thanks for all you do!




Carol Heckert fondly recalls her elementary school years, almost 60 years ago. "We sang
Oh Canada - we sing and sit down at the desk" She nods enthusiastically when her mom recalls
colouring in groups, and doing jigsaw puzzles.

Her mother Laura was one of the first families of Kindale School, the beginnings of enVision Community
Living. "Bert Friesen started it all. We just hoped and prayed that it would work out". She recalls the four
families in that first meeting in 1956 and the long volunteer hours it took to become a reality. The school
was supported by donations and membership fees used to hire the single school teacher for the first six
students. "Some months we couldn't afford the ten dollars - the wages were very, very low then".

Your gift to the Foundation on enVision's 60th Anniversary will support the continued
growth and development of programs and services of enVision Community Living.

Schooling wasn't the only struggle families faced in the community. "We'd go along Main Street with the
baby carriage and people would stop me, Oh! She's pretty!" Laura recalls with sadness, the surprise on
strangers faces that her child was normal in appearance. "People were very, very cruel, at the time".

Kindale school opened its doors in 1958
with six students. By 1957, just nine short years later, the school as at capacity with 44 students. That year,
the Manitoba Government changed the law which excluded persons with an intellectual disability from schools
to one that required schools to educate these students. With education rights for all students acknowledged,
the attention of our volunteers and families turned to serving the needs of adults. Today enVision continues
to adapt and respond to what is needed.

Carol is one of the longest term employees of Kindale Industries. Her love for the job is apparent as she
rolls her eyes in jest "38 years I have worked there... In 2 more years, it's 40!" her mom laughs when she
describes the change in personality in her daughter at work. "I wanted her to go bowling, she wouldn't do
that until she started Kindale - the teachers sort of got her into it. She's altogether a different person at


Carol has been supported through enVision
Community Living For 60 years

enVision is committed to providing opportunities
for personal growth and development, and the
opportunity for people to live the life of their
choosing in the community. In 60 years, we have
expanded to provide many different types of
opportunities, and support to people in
limitless ways.

"There's so much that's done for them nowadays.
They can live much more normal lives". Instead of
being shunned in the community like those days on
the street so many years ago, she jokes that Carol
knows everyone and makes friends everywhere she
goes. "She knows a lot of people!"  These changes
wouldn't be possible without community support.
Like Laura said so many years ago when supporting the school, "We all knew we had to dig into our pockets
and help out as much as we could". The same commitment is necessary to fund these vital programs
supporting people in our community today. Today enVision serves over 350 people, and continues to grow.
We are so grateful that families, friends and communities continue to be generous in their donations to enVision.

Your gift to our Fall Campaign contributes to the everyday well-being and inclusion
of each of these 350 individuals. We couldn't do it without you. Thank you for your
support as we celebrate 60 years of community living.


Jeannette DeLong
Executive Director
enVision Community Living

Make your donation to support our Fall Fundraising Campaign. Click
the "How to Donate" tab to give with PayPal, or mail your gift to
enVision Foundation (2012) Inc., 84 Brandt St, Steinbach MB R5G 0E1


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